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Apr. 2/19 Embodied Carbon Catalyst: Kick-off Event

Embodied carbon accounts for 28% of the global annual carbon emissions associated with buildings, with the other 72% of emissions coming from building operations. While the buildings industry places great focus on reducing operational carbon emissions, we mostly ignore embodied carbon - the emissions associated with construction materials from cradle to grave.

This needs to change, and it needs to change fast. We need to address embodied carbon at scale and make it standard practice in the design of all new construction projects. For this to happen, we need people within the buildings industry to champion the issue of embodied carbon on their projects and within their firms.

This is why we are starting a new group called the Embodied Carbon Catalyst. We will start off by organizing regular monthly events that empower industry professionals to become champions for embodied carbon on their projects and within their firms. Through our events, we aim to build up local industry capacity to address embodied carbon, by connecting with each other, sharing best practices, and tackling topics/initiatives that we think will accelerate widespread focus on embodied carbon within the industry.

We invite architects, structural engineers, environmental consultants, developers, product manufacturers, policymakers, and anyone else interested in embodied carbon to join our events!

Kick-off Event

For this kick-off event, you will be an active participant sitting in small groups to brainstorm and discuss what challenges and opportunities you all see in addressing embodied carbon on your projects and within your firms. Through this conversation, we want to identify topics for future events and initiatives that we can spearhead through this group.

Our events will be much more interactive than your typical industry events. Our aim is to facilitate meaningful connections and relevant conversations amongst attendees, building up a local network of people passionate about addressing embodied carbon.

The event will be held at The AMP, which is a mission-driven co-working space. There will be light snacks and drinks served, but we recommend you eat dinner beforehand. Space is limited so we will cap the number of attendees to 30 people.


The AMP co-working space, Mezzanine Room

23 West Pender Street, Buzzer #9050

Entrance through the parking lot, near Chinatown gate. Call Anthony at 604-816-2681 if you have issues getting in.


Can't attend but want to join for future events? Send an email to Anthony and you will be added to the mailing list:

Want to learn more about why embodied carbon is important? See this article on Embodied Carbon: The Blindspot of The Buildings Industry.

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