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May 19 - Embodied Carbon of HFC Blowing Agents in Insulation

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Join us online on Tuesday, May 19th, from 5-7 pm for our latest ECN Vancouver webinar event! This month’s theme is insulation. In particular, we are focusing on the significant embodied carbon impacts of HFC-based blowing agents used in insulation, such as XPS and Spray Foam, as well as what the industry is doing to transition to more sustainable alternatives.

We have four exciting speakers lined up, who will present on different insulation types and sustainable alternatives, how we’re regulating and phasing out HFCs, and capturing the impact of insulation using LCA software. 


  • Anthony Pak from Priopta will give a presentation comparing the Global Warming Potential (GWP) impact of different types of insulation based on published EPDs. He will also discuss the impact of HFC blowing agent emissions in XPS and Spray Foam insulation, and how these emissions have been calculated in whole building LCA software tools.

  • Randy Van Straaten is a senior project engineer at RDH Building Science Labs in Waterloo. He will speak on where XPS and Spray Foam insulation is used and discuss alternative strategies. With HFO based Spray Foam and XPS on or coming to the market, Randy will also cover what RDH knows of these products and questions RDH would have, which will lead to a great Q&A/Discussion.

  • Paul Lewandowski, Director of Regulatory Law at Owens Corning, will discuss the HFC regulatory landscape and history, and what the company is doing to meet regulation with their new XPS insulation to be launched next year.

  • Ibrahim Huseen from BASF will present on the phase-out of HFCs and transition to more sustainable HFO blowing agents in spray foam insulation. He will also discuss any considerations that designers/contractors should be aware of.

Register for the free webinar.


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