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Feb. 12 - BUILDEX: Embodied Carbon - The Blind Spot of the Building Industry

Our industry has mostly ignored Embodied Carbon, even though it will account for almost half of total new construction emissions globally between now and 2050. This talk will provide an overview of Embodied Carbon in the Building Industry, including:

  • Importance of Embodied Carbon

  • Relevant Policies and Standards

  • Overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Comparison of LCA Software Tools

  • Embodied Carbon of Key Materials (concrete, steel, wood, insulation)

  • Design Strategies for Reducing Embodied Carbon

[ BOMI 1 CPD ∙ AIBC 1 Core LU ∙ 1 HSW-Sustainability Hours IDCEC Approved ∙ 1 CPD BC Housing Recognized ]


Anthony Pak

Principal, Priopta & Founder, Embodied Carbon Network Vancouver Anthony is the Principal at Priopta, one of the first firms in North America to provide Parametric Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) consulting services for buildings.He is also the founder of ECN Vancouver-the first local chapter of the Embodied Carbon Network-which organizes local events that empower building industry professionals to champion the topic of embodied carbon on their projects and within their firms. Anthony serves on the Technical Committee for the National Research Council’s Low-Carbon Assets through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)² Initiative.He has a Masters in Industrial Ecology from NTNU-a leading LCA research group in Norway-as well as experience completing a range of Whole Building LCA studies using software tools such as Athena Impact Estimator, Tally, and One Click LCA.


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