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Nov. 25 - Biogenic Carbon Accounting of Wood Products in Whole Building LCA

Our next event will give an overview of a complex and important topic—how biogenic carbon of wood products are accounted for in Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments (WB-LCA).

I will be presenting my summary of the latest research and information on this topic, which is for a study commissioned by the City of Vancouver.

This presentation will cover:

  • What is biogenic carbon, and why is it important?

  • Overview of how biogenic carbon is addressed in common LCA standards and the latest industry average EPDs for wood products.

  • How do different WB-LCA software tools (i.e. Athena IE4B, Tally, and One Click LCA) address biogenic carbon? What are the underlying assumptions, and how do they impact WB-LCA case study results?

  • Introduction to GWPbio, a dynamic approach to modelling biogenic carbon that accounts for factors such as forest rotation period and product carbon storage period.

  • Presentation of preliminary calculations using the newly released Biogenic Carbon Footprints Calculator for Harvested Wood Products by WWF and Quantis, which builds on the latest research on GWPbio.


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