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Sept. 15 - Embodied Carbon of MEP Systems & Refrigerants

Our next event is focused on the Embodied Carbon of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Systems & Refrigerants. This is often not included in the scope of most Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment studies, however can still have quite significant embodied carbon impacts. We have two fantastic speakers from the UK and Chile to present on this topic.

Louise Hamot is Global Lead of Life Cycle Research at Integral Group in the UK. Louise is leading the development of Integral Group’s global Lifecycle practice and research. She supports colleagues involved in LCA work across North America, Australia, and Europe to advise architects and clients on design strategies to improve their environmental impact. Moreover, her responsibility is to lead Integral’s research and development of Whole Life Carbon studies for building services and their contribution to the performance of the building as a whole. With both a degree in architecture and in engineering, she has a strong understanding and experience in Regenerative Design, Holistic Thinking and integrated design.

Barbara Rodriquez Droguett is a Net Zero Building Expert at the Ministry of Energy in Chile. She also previously did her PhD at the University of Washington and published fascinating research with the Carbon Leadership Forum on the LCA of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Systems and Tenant Improvements (TI) in Commercial Office Buildings. This study explored the typical ranges of embodied carbon for MEP System and TIs, and also created a great Excel calculator used to estimate MEP and TI impacts.


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